FTA Green Computing Green IT with FTA

FTA offers the following Green IT services:

  • Computer and toner recycling
  • Assist clients in finding energy efficient components and accessories
  • Discover your organization's current impact on the environment form an IT perspective
  • Energy usage analysis
  • Examining purchase and hardware life cycles
  • Examine disposal practices

Green Computing

FTA is committed in assisting you in making an IT department that is environmentally friendly and will help you reduce your organization's footprint.


Do you know that you could save money and spare the planet from Greenhouse gases by adopting virtualization? With Virtualization you could:

  • Reduce the number of servers that you will need. Some clients have folded four servers into one.
  • Cut back on electrical demands
  • Reduce storage requirements
  • Reduce software and maintenance and technical support costs
  • We offer Virtualization services to let you consolidate several power hungry servers into one and reduce your maintenance costs at the same time.

Paperless office

New advances in computing and imaging have made it possible for all offices to go completely paperless; the ultimate Green IT. This is an ideal solution for professional organizations such as Law Firms, CPA's, Dentists, Dentists, Insurance agencies and any organization which relies on record keeping. Paperless operations using imaging technologies have been deemed legally acceptable statewide. The cost advantages of imaging are reduced storage costs, much faster retrieval of data and enhanced productivity, which could actually result in reduction of head count.