5 reasons to pick FTA for your
networking needs:

Reason OneWe've been supporting clients since 1982

Reason Two We're experts in client apps across a broad spectrum of businesses

Reason Three We are careful to hire knowledgeable and reliable staff.

Reason Four Support solutions include remote access and weekend appts.

Reason Five We work with your real needs and try
to stay within your budget.

FTA Green Computing Green IT with FTA

FTA offers services to lower your organization's carbon footprint.

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Whether you need to cable a whole building or just add a few extra lines, FTA Computer Consultants, Inc. has the experts to help you. We are ready to get your business on track with cabling you can count on.

We only use the highest CAT6 wiring, so you can rest assured that your network performance will be at its peak. FTA Computers Consultants, Inc. has the cable and the cabling experts to install it.

We also install top quality switches to assure that your data will get there at the highest speed possible. FTA Computer Consultants, Inc. is your one stop shop for all your networking needs. We do it all!