5 reasons to pick FTA for your
networking needs:

Reason OneWe've been supporting clients since 1982

Reason Two We're experts in client apps across a broad spectrum of businesses

Reason Three We are careful to hire knowledgeable and reliable staff.

Reason Four Support solutions include remote access and weekend appts.

Reason Five We work with your real needs and try
to stay within your budget.

FTA Green Computing Green IT with FTA

FTA offers services to lower your organization's carbon footprint.

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Internet Services

FTA Computer Consultants, Inc. can get your company connected. We know Internet and E-mail access is in high demand, the trick is to make it easy to use and affordable.

Our wide range of access services varies from one user needing Internet and E-mail Services, to 500 users all needing their own E-Mail and Internet Access.

We know that security is a necessity on the Internet, so our systems can include a configured firewall. This means that you can safely interact on the Internet without fear of unwanted intrusion.

FTA Computer Consultants, Inc. will help your company fulfill every aspect of your Internet and E-Mail needs. We will help you prepare your business for the future.