5 reasons to pick FTA for your
networking needs:

Reason OneWe've been supporting clients since 1982

Reason Two We're experts in client apps across a broad spectrum of businesses

Reason Three We are careful to hire knowledgeable and reliable staff.

Reason Four Support solutions include remote access and weekend appts.

Reason Five We work with your real needs and try
to stay within your budget.

FTA Green Computing Green IT with FTA

FTA offers services to lower your organization's carbon footprint.

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Security is defined as the state of being free from fear, uncertainty and anxiety. FTA will help you identify and help protect barriers against:

  • Virus Attacks
  • Spy Ware products
  • External and Internal attacks
  • Employee errors

In order to build a comprehensive security design, we will help you to augment the system from the ground up, starting with:

  • Enforceable Company policies
  • Proper user training about security
  • Email Security
  • Database Security
  • Privacy statement
  • Boundary control
  • Firewalls

Next, we'll assist you in implementing the following physical security measures:

  • Locks
  • User Identification; face recognition, retina, hand, token and fingerprint
  • User Access Control
  • Password policies
  • Authentication
  • Data Integrity

Finally, we'll guide you in finding the latest software tools:

  • Effective Backup procedures (remote and local)
  • Data Encryption
  • Steganography
  • Internet Certificates using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)