Top 5 tips for running a smoother network:

Reason One Current maintenance including software patch upgrades

Reason Two Intrusion detection and prevention

Reason Three Virus protection

Reason Four Spam and Spyware protection

Reason Five Auditing user access to your network

FTA Green Computing Green IT with FTA

FTA offers services to lower your organization's carbon footprint.

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IT Express!™ /  IT Now!™

Our special service for start ups. Also, for companies having lost their IT staff or equipment. FTA will step in and provide immediate outsourcing services including mail, file server and database server on premises or off site for any duration. Our IT Express services include:

  • Virtual CIO. We take care of all you IT needs as required. It is like having a whole IT management and administration team in-house
  • IT Now! For startups
  • IT Now! For Emergency needs
  • IT Now! To cover for internal IT staff holidays, sickness and vacations
  • IT Now! For Network Security Auditing
  • IT Now! For all your immediate needs
  • IT Now! For Anti Spam and Anti Spyware
  • IT Now! For instant IT partnership