Top 5 tips for running a smoother network:

Reason One Current maintenance including software patch upgrades

Reason Two Intrusion detection and prevention

Reason Three Virus protection

Reason Four Spam and Spyware protection

Reason Five Auditing user access to your network

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FTA offers services to lower your organization's carbon footprint.

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IT Maximum Effort™

Our proprietary tool for estimating IT projects. Result of over a quarter of a century of consulting and successfully assisting small and medium sized businesses in Northern California and New York.

With IT Maximum Effort™, we can estimate the cost of upgrades and conversions accurately and guarantee against cost overruns. FTA has been an IT partner for many Bay area companies during the last 26 years. We started networking when most companies were using old fashioned coaxial cables and Token Ring technology. Today, we install and support fiber optics and Gigabit copper cables and that is on the physical side.

We use project management tools to review client networking infrastructure and plan upgrades when necessary to improve productivity.