How can virtualization help you?

Reason One Lower number of physical servers

Reason Two Increase the space utilization and efficiency in your data center

Reason Three Prevent applications from impacting each other

Reason FourStandardize a virtual server build so it's easily duplicated and deployed

Reason Five Operate multiple OS technologies on a single hardware platform

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Virtualization is the art and science of replacing many small physical servers by a larger Physical server running in virtual mode. VIrtualization will increase the utilization of costly hardware resources such as CPU, memory and hard drive. Hardware is consolidated and a new virtual machine can be created as needed without the need for an up-front hardware purchase. A large server can host many guest virtual machines.

A virtual machine server can be easily setup, configured and controlled from outside than a physical one. It is far more flexible and easier to control. Any error inside a virtual machine server will not damage the host server. Therefore a virus attack on a single virtual server will not affect the host or other virtual servers. Finally, a virtual machine can be easily transferred from one server to another server with minimal effort.